A New Blog on Teamwork, Collaborative Organizational Structures, and Small Groups in the Church and Ministry Organizations

reframing2I’m starting a blog.  I’m now another one of hundreds of millions of people pounding out a weekly blog.  What makes this one unique, you ask?

1.  I’ll focus on working together (being and functioning well as the Body of Christ) in church and other ministry contexts, specifically regarding:

2.  I’ll write as a practical scholar, which means I’ll:

  • identify the topics of my posts based upon issues, challenges, and problems you are facing in your particular churches and ministry organizations;
  • base my insights on research spanning communication, management, leadership, psychology, and sociology; and
  • help you apply those insights to your specific needs, challenges, and desires so that you can better achieve your ministry and organizational goals.

3.  I’m blending:

  • a deep love for Jesus and passion for the Gospel, discipleship, the church, and the advancement of God’s Kingdom on earth;
  • 15+ years of successful ministry, organizational, spiritual, and operational leadership in a variety of church and ministry contexts; and
  • academic expertise as an Applied Group and Organizational Communication Scholar.

4.  I’ll offer insights regarding:

  • Building and developing highly effective teams
  • Selecting team members
  • Facilitating excellent problem-solving and decision making
  • Creating optimal organizational environments to help teams thrive
  • Evaluating team performance
  • Instituting collaborative organizational structures and learning systems
  • Why churches and ministry organizations should use teams
  • Barriers to team performance
  • Structuring transformational small (community, care, discipleship) groups
  • Training team leaders and members
  • And more…

If you’re in ministry leadership, either paid or volunteer, or if you are involved (or interested) in team leadership or development, small groups, and/or designing organizational structures, I hope you’ll subscribe to and read my blog.  Just sign up now in the right side-bar and/or click the share buttons to share with your friends who might also benefit.

If you’re unconvinced or skeptical, I’ll share more about why this blog in a few days – stay tuned.


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  1. Lani Simmons October 17, 2011 at 8:56 am - Reply

    Super excited to hear and learn from your passion and teachings on this Ryan. It’s hugely applicapble to my job’s function with the Mile High Vineyard and that Grant and I are starting a new small group next week. Thankful for you and your brilliance!

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