An Exciting Year Ahead…

journey aheadSummer is over.  After my family traveled with 6 students from Azusa Pacific University to Vietnam for a month-long mission trip during July and August, I’ve been catching up, getting classes going, and wrapping up some important research reports and projects.

I’m excited for the fall, and hope that I can help you to Think Deeply, Act Wisely, and Work Better Together in your churches, business, and ministry organizations.  Here’s what you can expect over the next few months:

  1. First access to the findings and practical implications from the extensive study of church senior leadership teams Warren Bird from the Leadership Network and I completed during the spring and fall.  We plan to publish the National Profile Report by the end of October, but I’ll release juicy nuggets on this website over the next several weeks.
  2. Information on the most typical mistakes people make when trying to work together.  These are not things that we often do unintentionally, but the things we do intentionally because we think they are the right thing to do (click here for just one example).  So much of what we’ve been taught about what promotes teamwork and collaboration is garbage, and I’m going to identify those errors and give you fresh perspective. Here, I hope that learning to Think Deeply will enable you to Act Wisely and Work Better Together.   Stay tuned!   I’m excited for how this is going to roll out!
  3. A series of posts that focus on HOW to improve communication in teams rather than just WHAT to do.  These posts will feature meeting, discussion-generating, agreement-building, creativity-inspiring, and analysis-enabling procedures you can use right away with your groups and teams.  Don’t worry.  I don’t mean icebreakers and team building exercises.  Instead, these techniques can help you structure your talk so you get more of the positive outcomes you hope for when you organize into teams while mitigating the frustrations and problems that almost always plague group work.
  4. Continued posts with insights gleaned from meaningful research findings and a different perspective on groups and teams.

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