Today is the day!  Burst Cover Design

BURST: Bursting the Bubbles On 5 Teamwork Myths is now available!  Here’s what a few others have said about BURST:

  • This outstanding and highly practical eBook will give you fresh insight on how leadership and ministry teams can be more effective, and how you – whatever your role on the team – can help make your team have maximum impact for God’s Kingdom. I read gobs of material on churches, and this is definitely a worthy read.
  • BURST is loaded with practical action items and straightforward advice, and is must-read material for anyone looking to truly leverage the power of a team.
  • [This eBook] not only shatters assumptions about effective teams, but offers bold direction and practical encouragement toward organizational and team effectiveness.  If teams are a part of your work or service, make sure BURST is the next book you read.

If you’ve not yet received the book (such as those of you following via RSS), I want to get you a copy.  Either sign up for email updates or send me an email at (and tell me you’re a loyal RSS reader) and I’ll gladly you a free copy of the book.

If you’ve already received it, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the eBook!  Please leave a comment on the BURST page with your honest thoughts, reactions, push backs, critiques, etc.  And, if your comments are nice :), I’ll add your comments to the page that lists what others have said about the eBook.

In any case, I’m really hoping this eBook will help you Think Deeply, Act Wisely, and Work Better Together in your groups and teams!

And, before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for inviting me to speak into your teamwork practices!