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I’m thrilled to share BURST with you.  In this short eBook, I argue that we work poorly in teams precisely because we think poorly about teams and teamwork, and try to help you correct influential, pervasive, and incorrect beliefs about working well with others.

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This outstanding and highly practical eBook will give you fresh insight on how leadership and ministry teams can be more effective, and how you – whatever your role on that team – can help make your team have maximum impact for God’s kingdom. I read gobs of material on churches, and this is definitely a worthy read!

— Warren Bird, research director for Leadership Network and co-author of 24 ministry books including Better Together: Making Healthy Church Mergers Work.



Much of what is taught about teams is pure hogwash, but we practice it and teach it over and over.  We need to burst the bubble on these myths, correcting these commonly-held but ignorant, delusional beliefs that guide the way we work in teams.  The five bubbles I burst in this short eBook are:

    1. Teams are best built on trust and relationships
    2. You can empower others
    3. Teams need to establish a leader
    4. Conflict indicates a lack of unity
    5. Teamwork requires people to set aside their self-interests

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BURST is a vitally-important read. Exploding five extremely popular myths that pervade our understanding of teamwork (think: empowerment, trust, reducing conflict, etc.), Ryan describes in succinct fashion the real elements of great collaboration. BURST is loaded with practical action items and straightforward advice, and is must-read material for anyone looking to truly leverage the power of a team.

— Josh Allan Dykstra, Author of Igniting the Invisible Tribe: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck

BURST is a succinct, no-nonsense shot straight into the heart of everyday leadership, debunking bad thinking and unlearned, popularly touted falsehoods, yet ringing with truth, positivity, and practical right thinking.

— Matt Coleman, Operation Christmas Child Regional Director, Samaritan’s Purse

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