Great Teamwork Resources


Great Teamwork Resources.

With the holidays coming, and perhaps some time to read, this week I’m sharing several great team resources that will help you thoughtfully lead and participate with your team, divided into 3 categories.

Just the facts, ma’am (you want to cut the fluff and learn quickly what great teams do):

Build my brain (you want to think more deeply about these ideas of teamwork and collaboration, with some practical stuff thrown in, too):

Give me a model (you’re ready to take action, but don’t know what steps to take):

  • Cultivating communities of practice: a guide to managing knowledge by Etienne Wenger and colleagues (2002).  Like the idea of teamwork but have some organizational values that emphasize hierarchy and division of labor?  Check out this book – you’ll learn how you can build collectives to manage knowledge, exchange best practices, and coordinate action.  Fantastic conceptualization of how to bring the promise of teamwork to an organization even when all the conditions necessary for true teamwork are not present.

You might notice I haven’t included any resources with titles such as 100 Teambuilding Activities to Energize Your Team.  Here’s why: those activities don’t work.  Teams aren’t built through gimmicks like trust falls and urban scavenger hunts, weekend getaways, or days full of fun team-building activities (I’m thinking of that classic episode of The Office).  Teams are built by thoughtful, sustained, and disciplined efforts by team members.  That’s it!

Action Step: I encourage you to build up your knowledge of how teams work to base your team efforts upon as you enter the new year.

If you’ve already read one or more of these books and would recommend them to your fellow readers, please leave a comment.



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