How’s Your Senior Leadership Team Doing?

Exciting news today … we’re offering churches across the US and around the world one more opportunity to assess their senior leadership teams for FREE.  We offered the same assessment in 2012, but realized several churches that didn’t participate in the first round would like assess their team now.  So, we’re opening the assessment once more until the end of February 2013.


Read on for background information and access to our first report.

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If your church is like the vast majority of churches, you are doing leadership as a team. In the past several years, many churches have established senior leadership teams (also often called executive teams or directional leadership teams) to provide spiritual, strategic, and operational leadership to their congregations (for a review, see Leadership Network’s article on Team Collaboration).


However, we know very little about the shape and structure of these teams, the unique characteristics of church teams compared to corporate teams, or what communication practices, leadership behaviors, and other contextual factors separate great teams from all the rest.


Seeking to better understand church senior leadership teams and identify best practices that increase team health and effectiveness, all while helping senior leadership teams grow stronger, co-author Warren Bird and I surveyed 140 church senior leadership teams in 2012. (Learn more about the overall project here.)


In our first report, Searching for Strong Senior Leadership Teams: What 145 Church Teams Told Us, we describe 10 key findings we learned about the church senior leadership team landscape and share 7 targeted, practical steps leaders can take to grow their teams.


For example, although the respondents listed “coordinating leadership activities” and “making critical, church-wide decisions” as the most important purposes of their teams, teams actually spend less than half their time on these activities.  As such, we recommend that teams focus their team’s time and effort on crucial tasks and minimize time spent on other non-essential issues.

To download the FREE report with all 10 findings, each with commentary and examples, and the 7 action steps, click here.


And if you missed out on the opportunity to assess your team last year, you’re in luck.  We’re opening up the assessment once more through the end of February 2013.  This will be the last time the assessment is available through this project.

To sign up your team for the assessment, click here.  Act Now!


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