Strengthen Your Senior Leadership Team

Warren Bird and I contributed an article about Senior Leadership Team Effectiveness and Assessment to  Much thanks to Tony for sharing information about the Senior Leadership Team Assessment that’s available now.

The post also shares five essential features for senior leadership team success.  Check it out here.

Sign Your Team Up For The Assessment Today! 

Update on September 11: Wave One is now closed. Approximately 150 church teams participated. If you’d like to receive information in case we launch a second wave of survey participation, please write to

You will need the following information to successfully complete the registration:

  • Some basic information about your church’s senior leadership team, including names, e-mail addresses, and positions of each team member, frequency of meetings, and who leads the team
  • Your church’s average weekend attendance from the past 3 years
  • The age of your church and of your senior/lead pastor

Important: Once you begin the survey, you must complete it in one session. You can pause as long as you want, but you need to keep your browser open. You will not be able to sign back in at a later time to complete a partial survey.

After the initial registration is complete, each team member will receive an introduction email with instructions on how to complete the two survey assessments.

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