Top 7 Posts

skyscraperIn case you missed some of my most popular posts, I’m going to link to them here.  I don’t want you to miss any great content! 🙂

  1. **NOW AVAILABLE: Leadership Team Assessment** (check out this limited-time opportunity to assess your church’s senior leadership team)
  2. Whose Goals Are Most Important? (re: merging individual and organizational goals)
  3. Trust is Overrated (re: building teams on mission rather than trust and relationships)
  4. How To Identify Great (Team) Leaders (re: finding great leaders in your organization)
  5. What’s a Plumb-line? (re: the importance of team norms)
  6. Quit Trying to Empower People (re: why you can’t empower anyone, and what you can do instead)
  7. Why Teams and Small Groups Fail  (re: the importance of clear goals and mission)

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